about tools

leap frog: stick to one tool or set of tools for 3 years. because now there are too much money and resources and these make you keep changing tools and therefore solving technical problems instead of creative ones. stick to tools, create your own libraries and keep using them, as a language or toolbox.

tools are biased. to know a couple of different ones you become aware of these differences.

poeme numerique, baltan laboratories, david rokeby

smiling and enjoying your work as an artist

when you doesn’t smile after an artistic performance, you deprive the right of the audience to enjoy it. it is the responsibility of the artist to allow people to enjoy the work. avantagarde/edgy work can possibly make people feel they don’t quite understand it. by smiling, you help them. also often the artist doesn’t really know what is his work, so he should open it to people.

poeme numerique, baltan laboratories, david rokeby

movie parser — work in progress

in order to re-edit a movie, you can find content easily via the subtitles file (at least if the movie was downloaded from the internet!)

first a program shows the most common words in the chosen movie. then it automatically cuts the movie and shows only the moments where the selected word is said.

programs created in Processing and Max/Jitter in collaboration with Golan Levin and David Rokeby during the Poeme Numerique masterclass at the Baltan Laboratories, 2010.

subtitlte file
the visualization of the most common words done via processing.
the max/jitter patch that allows to playback only the parts of the movie where the word is said.


the project in the media:

golan levin releases our project online:

A Processing Parser for SubRip Subtitle Files