Design e Comunicação Multissensorial: Lygia Clark – A Casa é o Corpo: Labirinto

Lygia Clark – A Casa é o Corpo: Labirinto Em seu trabalho, Lygia sempre busca a interação do espectador por objetos sensorias, como sacos plásticos, pedras, conchas, luvas, despertando assim as sensações e fantasias. Uma exposição que me chamou atenção foi a “A Casa é o Corpo: Labirinto” de 1968. Foi instalada no MAM – […]

cannibalism and collage

i think i can claim that a piece of mine (such as Auto-timer performance) has a cannibalistic approach (or appropriative nature, in other words) in it, if we agree with David Hockney that this piece of Van Eyck relies in collage as much as his own Pearblossom Highway does.

smiling and enjoying your work as an artist

when you doesn’t smile after an artistic performance, you deprive the right of the audience to enjoy it. it is the responsibility of the artist to allow people to enjoy the work. avantagarde/edgy work can possibly make people feel they don’t quite understand it. by smiling, you help them. also often the artist doesn’t really […]