the day before yesterday I was with the flu. fever, tired body. slept bad, with alucinations. next day, after sleeping until 15:00, i was almost recovered. i felt as if resurfacing on the other side. the sickness was some kind of death sickness as the dark side (concept by Susan Sontag, ‘sickness as a metaphor’ […]

Apparitional experience

Apparitional experience In psychology[1] and parapsychology, an apparitional experience is an anomalous, quasi-perceptual experience.It is characterized by the apparent perception of either a living being or an inanimate object without there being any material stimulus for such a perception. The person experiencing the apparition is awake, excluding dream visions from consideration.In scientific or academic discussion, […]

father and son in the shark’s belly

– Oh, Father, dear Father! Have I found you at last? Now I shall never, never leave you again! – The sea was rough and the whitecaps overturned the boat. Then a Terrible Shark came up out of the sea and, as soon as he saw me in the water, swam quickly toward me, put […]