In Return, video installation, 2012

One thing must be understood: I have said nothing extraordinary or even surprising. What is extraordinary begins at the moment I stop. But I am no longer able to speak of it.
– Maurice Blanchot

‘In Return’ is an audiovisual installation that refers to myths and poetics of time and fatherhood.

video documentation:

It’s a synthesis between pre- recorded X live human actions.

The work originates in actions recorded in video. When presented the video images become an installation, gaining spatial & monumental functions.

Through the video, the visitors experience echoes or traces of a history.

The two projectors do not simply reproduce a pre-composed image, but also produce the composition live.


The work borrows pre-existing texts and images. There are passages of Paul Auster’s book ‘The Invention of Solitude’, a samba song originally composed and sung by Cartola, diferent references to Joseph Campbell’s myths analysis, among others. These pre-existing material is recited and combined with the body actions, in a succession of audiovisual fragments.

in return during athen’s video festival 2013:



Pablo’s background is audiovisual medium. Lately he has been exploring performance. The research consists of combining these two media, by translating live actions into video.

One of the challenges is create a space where the video has as much impact as a human body would.

His work is often quotational or referential. He apppropriates and re-works existing ideas and concepts.


Thanks to

my father, Cosme Coelho ※ Shadi Gilani ※ Gabriel Bogossian ※ Thiago Paiva ※ Charlotte ‘t Hart ※ Michiel Pijpe & Stagelab ※ Taconis Stolk ※ Kasper van der Horst ※ Izolda Griner