Places of Memory, video, 2011-2012

The confrontation of an inner universe with shared external spaces.


the video can be watched online:


An essential approach in this work (and in the research that originated it) is re-contextualization. It is present, for instance, in the transfer of a intimate motivation to a public context, in the translation of live actions into video medium, in the borrowing of shared classical mythologies to create individual narratives.



conception & execution: Pablo Dias
text: “The Adventures of Pinocchio” by  Carlo Collodi / translation by Carol Della Chiesa
camera: Vitor Peixoto
thanks to: Shadi Gilani
2011–2012, Amsterdam & Rio de Janeiro


Public screenings:

• “Territórios da Experiência: Vizinhanças” at different public locations – São Paulo / Brazil – October 2012
• “Cadernices – Registros do Processo Criativo” at Casa Dezinove – Rio de Janeiro / Brazil – October 2012
• “Final Graduation Show” at Royal Academy of Arts – The Hague / The Netherlands – July 2012
• “Clash of Contexts” at Walden Affairs gallery – The Hague / The Netherlands – June 2012